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media production.
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Russell Davis formed Unlimited Liabilities in 2013 to fill a gap in the bar & beverage consulting business community. There was a need for an elite, highly mobile, talent-rich, and well-connected consulting team that could provide valuable services to clients with speed and professional ease. In 2016, after years of operating behind the scenes with numerous leaders of the industry, Davis partnered with Ronen and together they have taken Unlimited Liabilities to the next level; organizing a team of accomplished spirits and business professionals ready to serve our clients with the highest of standards.  Our primary focus is providing customized development, media production, training, and design services to our clients around the world.

the team.

Drawing from deep industry experience and robust personal networks, both Davis and Ronen have built a team at Unlimited Liabilities possessing a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the many facets of the bar & beverage industry, allowing Unlimited Liabilities to respond with confidence to client needs.

Russell Davis continues to seize international attention for his work as a bar/mixology/spirits consultant, television personality, and bar industry entrepreneur. As one of the most well-known and influential nightlife professionals, Russell is paving the way for the new era of the "celebrity bartender & mixologist." As the 2012 Bartender of the Year, former President of the Texas Chapter of the United States Bartender's Guild, co-star & expert of Spike TV's "Bar Rescue," and founder of such projects such as the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass and the world's first soda jerk competition, the San Francisco Jerk Off, Russell has been hailed as "The People's Champion of Bartending" (Mutineer Magazine) and "The Aristocrat of the Working Class" (Nightclub.com).

Russell is known for his rebelliousness, southern charm, renegade business sense, and his signature bartending style, which combined proper mixology & craft bartending technique with speed, knowledge, and showmanship, which helped him become the first social media verified bartender & mixologist to be recognized as a public figure. Currently, Russell is the President of Unlimited Liabilities, an elite bar & beverage industry consulting company consisting of some of the best bar talent in the world; he is also the CEO of Cocktails & Dreams Inc., and acts as the Chief Cocktail Officer for Shaker & Spoon, the premier cocktail subscription trunk club on the market, which Unlimited Liabilities proudly curates. In between projects, Russell travels the world, living off the grid, researching obscure drinking culture, techniques, ingredients, and recipes in order to catalog them before they are lost to modernity.

In 2017, Russell will be releasing the #BarIsAStage, an online application & social media platform to spotlight days in the lives of bartenders & mixologists from around the world. He will be launching numerous programs internationally as his passion lies in the evolution of drinking culture worldwide. With several projects on the horizon, multiple television programs in development, and Unlimited Liabilities increasingly expanding capabilities, Russell will not be slowing down anytime soon. 

Russell Davis 

President, Principle Partner, & Founder

Daniel Ronen

Global VP of Projects & Principal Partner

Danny Ronen has a great nose, using it to sniff out what’s new and exciting in the world of international wine, spirits, food, & travel. In 2001, Ronen formed DC Spirits, a food, wine, & spirits educational organization with a focus on small producers and sustainability – he is continuously grateful to the people and experiences which lead him down this delightful and irreverent path.

As Director of Education for global agency Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen, Ronen has been constantly involved in an array of delicious creativity, including food and beverage creation, restaurant/hospitality concept consulting, innovation and development. Under Ronen’s tutelage, properties such as the Fairmont and Raffles Hotels, nationally and internationally, have honed their beverage programs to include workplace efficiencies, from better designed bars to recycling, composting and energy use, all of which produce both speed of service, cost savings and better practices for the environment.

Ronen’s travels produce words and photos which connect chefs, bartenders, importers, producers, and distributors with one another, sparking innovation, inspiration and an increase in long-term quality and sustainable practices. Writing/recipes can be found in Vanity Fair, SF Chronicle, The NY Times, Tasting Panel Magazine. He runs trainings, classes & presentations for hundreds of people on such diverse topics as denomination of origin, production and global impact within spirit categories and works on a bevy of product development and brand strategy across the globe. Ronen can be found experimenting and creating new flavors in your neighborhood. Please keep him away from butane torches, hand blenders, and caffeine.

Kate Gerwin

Project Manager

Kate is a leader in the cocktail industry, mentoring bartenders and founding a USBG chapter, as well as a LUPEC chapter in her home state of New Mexico. She enjoys writing a regular column on mixology trends and spirits for Local iQ Magazine. Kate has consulted for, and opened, over 17 restaurants and bars during her career. Kate’s cocktail programs have received a multitude of both local and national awards and she loves to compete, having competed in regional and national bartending competitions and winning a multitude of championships. She has appeared as an expert consultant for Spike TV's Bar Rescue. Kate continues to research her craft, compete in national competitions, consult, and enjoys spending time behind the stick in her adopted state of North Dakota.

Greg Mayer

Project Manager

Beginning his career behind a kitchen line rather than behind the stick, Greg decided to trade in his chef knives for shaker tins and has never looked back. A graduate of Johnson & Wales University, he began to hone his skills in the Providence cocktail scene, working and competing with some of the best in the industry. With a focus on craft cocktails and unique spirits, Greg utilizes years of culinary training as well as understanding of flavor profiles and different techniques to create new and inventive cocktails for his guests. Besides competing in competitions on the local, regional, and national levels, Greg works with a variety of spirits producers, promotional companies, and large scale festivals. He also guest speaks at Johnson & Wales and has represented them at the annual Nightclub & Bar show in Las Vegas.